Bespoke yoga programmes, designed to guide you on a journey from who you are now to who you long to be.

My Yoga offer to you…
An hour of mindful movement to begin to help you find your authentic selves

Allow me to guide you to find your true self in all its passion, its fire, its colour, its abundance, and love. Over time, yoga can help do this through these opportunities to find stillness and space.

Emotions, intuition, imagination, courage; those are the keys to freedom.

My yoga packages will:
• Be a single 1 hour session or a series of sessions
• Take place over Zoom
• Give expert guidance to work with mind, body and breath in a safe and caring space
• Move at your own pace
• Give you tools and strategies to break old patterns of thought and behaviour
• Create shifts in your wellbeing

‘Be still and know’

Discover Peace Within
Discovery Call

Contact me to discuss where you are now, where you would like to be and how a yoga programme can support that.

Options following this might be a bespoke single session or a 6 week programme.

But know, whilst I believe that yoga is for everyone, I appreciate that I am not everyone’s yoga teacher.

Individual session

We will start the practice with exploring how you are feeling, then carry out a sequence of mindful postures that will address your specific needs.

The session will always end with 10-15 minutes of deep relaxation (Savasana). After this period of stillness, we will check in again with each other and decide on next steps.

6-week programme

Following the initial discovery call, I will design an individualised programme to meet your specific needs.

Each session will focus on mindful and meditative movement, and the practice will evolve over the sessions to suit your development.

As in the single sessions, there will always be a concluding period of deep relaxation and an opportunity to reflect and discuss next steps.

One To One

Your one-to-one yoga package will:

• Be crafted to what your mind and body need right here, right now
• Make time for you and you alone
• Enable you to transcend the to-do list


A couple’s yoga package will:

• Give an opportunity to share time together doing something different
• Support you to connect as a couple in a shared activity
• Be designed to work with the unique dynamic of you as a couple


A family yoga package is aimed at families with young people experiencing difficulties as diverse as panic attacks or anxiety, ADHD, DCD (dyspraxia) or autism, problems relaxing or with sleep, poor digestion and attitude to food, poor body image, issues with posture or balance, attention and being in the moment, mind and body disconnect and unspecific aches and pains.

A family’s yoga package will:
• Be designed to tackle specific issues as discussed in the discovery call
• Provide a calm hour together being guided through breathing, movement and relaxation
• Be scheduled to match your time, and take place where you feel most comfortable
• Give an opportunity to have quality time together doing something different

‘I am really enjoying lockdown yoga with Cate. She’s so helpful and is able to explain how a move can make you feel, what you can expect from it, and where to adjust with very simple instructions’

‘I can’t believe how different I feel from when I first lay on the mat this morning.’

‘She’s encouraging and kind. Her relaxation left me feeling much calmer and melted away the tension from the week. I could listen to her voice all day!’